Referrals to the Primary Behaviour Service are made by schools, with parental agreement.
A referral panel made up of headteachers and LA partners will meet 6 weekly to consider appropriate assessment and intervention.


Referral Criteria

  • The pupil must be attending an Ealing Primary School
  • Pupils can be aged from reception (for outreach support only), and Year 1 to Year 6 age range (for all types of support)
  • The pupil should be on the SEN code of practice at School Support or above with SEMH identified as their priority need.  They will be at risk of, or have received, a Fixed Term Exclusion
  • The pupil’s progress has been limited despite interventions to support their behavioural, social and emotional needs, over at least one term (evidenced through either IEPs or behavioural plans and target setting, including EHAP and the engagement of other agencies such as SAFE or EPS)


Referral Process

  • The pupil is referred via the PBS referral form 
  • The referral will be considered by the ½ termly Referral Panel
  • Referrals that are accepted for individual work will be passed to a team member.  A meeting will be arranged in school to meet school staff and family members and to explain how we will assess the difficulties.
  • Other agencies are contacted
  • A follow up meeting is planned.  This will be to discuss the outcome of the assessment and the plan to support the pupil, school and family.
  • Support will then be reviewed on a termly basis.  Support will usually be between 1 and 3 terms, depending on the needs of the child.


Exclusion Criteria

  1. Children who have a diagnosis of ASD, who should be referred for support from Springhallow.



Referral Form

Download the Primary Behaviour Service Referral form here.