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Green Class Work for Monday 13th July 2020

Hello Green Class, I hope you are looking forward to some interesting activities for this week.





P. E


PE with Joe




What is a story?




Telling the time to 5 minutes

Lunch time



Focus / Exercise


Cosmic Kids – Tallulah the Owlet

Topic -




Shadow play

Place a toy on paper or card in a sunny spot. Draw around your toy’s shadow at different times of the day. Label the time on each drawing. Investigate and record what happens to the shape, position and size of the shadow over time.


Topic - Science


Bubble Fun


Peace Out


Zen Den – Thought Bubbles

This activity can be completed after the learning time or to start the bedtime routine





Please look at the EPC Wellbeing page.

There are stories that you can read with Mr Franklyn and Mrs K.

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Enjoy it’s going to be lots of fun!


Have fun!


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