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Blue Class Home Learning Work for Monday 13th July 2020.

Hello Blue Class, here is your schoolwork for the day.






P. E


PE with Joe Wicks




Revising adverbs and fronted adverbials




Line symmetry: finding the line of symmetry

Mental Maths

Play Hit the button (app is on your tablet if you cannot find it then search it online).

- choose times tables and practice improving your scores, when you have a high score more up to a harder tie table or challenge yourself with mixed tables.

Lunch time.


Focus / exercise


Cosmic Kids – Tallulah the Owlet


Topic - Investigation

Fitness tracker

Choose a daily activity such as 20 minutes of walking, running or a workout. Measure your heart rate in beats per minute (bpm) before and after each session. What happens to your heart rate? How does this change over the next few days and weeks?





Science Challenge

Sensational sound -


Peace out



Zen Den – Thought Bubbles

This activity can be done either at the end of the learning day or at the start of the bedtime routine





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