This service is invaluable. The children they support would not cope with full time mainstream education and are at risk of exclusion without their intervention. The number of children who require this specialist support is increasing.  Janine has been extremely helpful and supportive to the school and pupils.  We are very satisfied with the service received and particularly in relation to one child who has gained so much from his time there. Staff here have also benefited from advice and expertise and increased their skills in dealing with challenging behaviour.  It is a great service to be able to access. It provides support for the child, family and school, which is crucial to early identification to support the child.  Invaluable service -good advice and value for money

Outreach Evaluation

Academic Year 2019-20

Ealing Primary Centre Outreach was staffed by:

  • 2 specialist teachers
  • 1 clinical psychologist

They provided:

  • Assessment, consultation and advice, from Ealing Primary Centre’s teachers
  • Assessment and intervention from Ealing Primary Centre’s clinical psychologist
  • Small group teaching and support in implementing a 'Plan, Do, Review cycle for children with SEMH
  • Support and liaison for children attending EPC on dual roll
  • Training
  • Support and consultation to Headteachers

In total, Ealing Primary Centre Outreach received 80 referrals from 44 Primary Schools

An annual survey of schools is carried out as part of the evaluation cycle.  Please click the image below to see this:

Invaluable service -good advice and value for money.  Thank you for the care, support and advice that all the staff show at the EPC. Every member of staff, be it Jon, Paul, Julie, teachers, support staff, OT, clinical psychologists...always put the children at the heart of all they do and it is a privilege to work with you all - thank you.  Thank you for all your support this year.  It's been a real help to us this year.  The service was very good and certainly adapted to his needs once he was known to the service. It was nice that Helen kept checking in also and was happy for me to call and seek advice.  The service Selborne has received from this service in previous years and this last academic year has always been professional, supportive and outstanding. This also refers to your admin/office staff in addition to the outreach team. Thanks